Broccoli and Peas with Lemon

iaian7 » blog » recipes   John Einselen, 24.04.11 (updated 10.05.11)    

A delightful way to cook broccoli, roasting skips the mushy pitfalls of boiling, steaming, or microwaving. The results are flavourful, crisp, and even buttery! Inspired by ideas from AmateurGourmet and The Barefoot Contessa, I really wanted to bring out the lemon and pepper notes in a dish simplified to the bare essentials; just broccoli and peas in the pod.

The recipe should make enough for 6 people as a side dish, but can disappear quickly! Do note that the measurements are merely rough estimates, and it may work better to simply add ingredients untill they look right. It’s also easy to over-oil the broccoli heads, as the florets are highly absorbent; chef beware.

12oz. Broccoli
3Tbsp Olive Oil
1tsp freshly ground Black Pepper
1tsp Lemon seasoning
dash of Salt
dash of Sage

Pre-heat the oven to 425º and mix the spices and olive oil in a bowl. Cut up the broccoli into medium sized pieces, and if freshly washed, make sure they are completely dried off to ensure proper roasting (any water will prevent correct baking). Drop into the bowl and toss, evenly coating the broccoli in the olive oil mixture.

Spread the coated broccoli one-deep in a buttered cooking pan so each piece is evenly exposed. Place in the oven and let roast for 15 minutes, checking for golden brown florets and a slight crisping of the edges. The sound of sizzling should fill the kitchen!

6oz. whole Sugar Snap or Snow Peas (mix of both is even better)
1Tbsp Olive Oil
1/2tsp freshly ground Black Pepper
1/2tsp Lemon seasoning

While cooking the broccoli, mix the next batch of olive oil and spices, then toss the peas in the mixture to coat them evenly. When the broccoli edges are just beginning to turn golden brown in the oven, pull the pan out and mix in the peas. Place back in the oven for another 5 minutes or so, keeping an eye on the contents for any burning. The vegetables should caramelise nicely, while retaining crispness and colour. Check with a fork when in doubt.

1Tbsp Lemon Juice

When finished, spoon into a dish, sprinkle with lemon juice, and serve hot. That’s it! Enjoy.