Time Vortex

iaian7 » code » quartz   John Einselen, 29.06.10    

An homage to Doctor Who title sequences, this is an interpretation of the Matt Smith style; more cloud-like, than wormhole.

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Anaglyph Compositing

iaian7 » code » quartz   John Einselen, 23.03.10    


How to set up anaglyph compositing in Quartz Composer, with Anachrome, Trioscopic, and ColorCode variations. Includes Core Image Filter source code, and a link for downloading the final Quartz Composer project from the Vectorform blog.

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iaian7 » code » quartz   John Einselen, 22.11.09    

Attempt at creating the Aurora Borealis effect, in a Quartz Composer screen saver. Controls are included for the primary colour, colour variations, and positioning of the light pathways.

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