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Like most humans, I’m rather self centred, and thus, a site dedicated to me. Yay! To help offset the overwhelming pretentiousness, I do offer resources for the web, 3d, and graphic communities, along with occasional self deprecation. Enjoy!

I have a bachelor degree in Computer Graphics and Digital Photography, and have worked in documentary video production, animation, visual effects, design, 3D illustration, realtime and procedural graphics development, and AR/MR/VR content creation. I was also visual effects supervisor for the award winning short film No Greater Love, worked for a museum, and have produced videos on location in at least three different continents.

I like spring and fall, but dislike the temperature extremes of winter (below 30° F) and summer (above 70° F). I suffocate when I’m not surrounded by grass and trees. I enjoy a wide range of folk and string based music genres…except country. The rest of my iTunes library might include traditional Celtic music, classical, UK pop bands, electro-swing, a bit of French provincial music, and an even smaller bit of K-pop. You can check my Last.FM profile to track listening habits (albeit less and less as streaming services take over).

professional work

For case studies and productions, check out JEinselen.com. For my visual effects software development, head over to SymbolFX.com. You can also check out my LinkedIn profile.

Much older photography, illustration, and design work can be found on JohnEinselen.com and Coroflot.

personal projects

My free time, if there is any, is spent hacking away on any number of hobbies. You can find a little of my personal work tucked away on this site, including a few random projects, old depressing poetry, my long-abandoned music podcast, and attempts at cooking up my own recipes. Various photos end up on flickr.com, usually on a 4-5 year delay.

more links

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