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Like most humans, I’m rather self centered, and thus, a site dedicated to me. To help offset the overwhelming pretentiousness, I do offer resources for the web, 3d, and graphic communities, along with occasional self deprecation. Enjoy!

I grew up in the Indiana wilderness (to this day, few cell phones, and no DSL or cable makes its way to my parents house; it’s way out there); homeschooled through lower education, and attended Indiana Wesleyan University for the higher part. I have a bachelor degree (or two) in Computer Graphics and Photography.

After working a while at the WGM Media Department doing video production, visual effects, and motion graphics (including a documentary trip to Kenya), I freelanced graphic design and visual effects jobs for half a year. I was also visual effects supervisor for the award winning short film No Greater Love.

I spent a year and a half in the Cincinatti Ohio / Northern Kentucky area, doing design, illustration, motion graphics, and visual effects. Part of that time was working for a museum art team, creating various visual effects and animations for displays. I also got to work a bit on historical instrument research and reconstruction, interactive kiosk design, and an awesome CNC machine!

Currently I reside just north of Detroit, Michigan, and work for Vectorform as the lead motion designer. While that’s my formal title, I do anything from poster sized CG illustrations to interactive motion experiences. Thankfully I still get to do some 3D and animation, and am always keeping up with the latest CG tech.

I like spring and fall, but hate the temperature extremes of winter and summer.

My hair used to be long, then it was really short, now it’s just messy.

A favourite meal can be as simple as a big apple and a block of cheese, or as elaborate as exotic salads with aged vinaigrettes and imported Irish cheddar.

I post a fair amount to twitter, blog on occasion, and even visit facebook once in awhile. I’m a country boy at heart (albeit with none of the charm, good looks, or tan!), and can barely survive without being surrounded by copious amounts of green grass and trees.

professional work

To review my professional work, visit for visual effects and production reels, or for my photography, illustration, and design. You can also check out my LinkedIn profile, Coroflot, or the short listing on IMDB.

personal projects

My free time, if there is any, is spent hacking away on any number of hobbies. You can find a lot of my personal projects tucked away on this site, including my music instrument collection, depressing poetry, and attempts at cooking up my own recipes. Various photos end up on

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