iaian7 » code » txp   John Einselen, 8.01.07 (updated 10.04.11)    

an7_audio is a simple Textpattern plugin for using Jeroen Wijering’s Flash MP3 Player. Easily inserting an mp3 file, there are two tags for using either <embed> or <script> enclosures.
Do be forewarned that flash players can mess up other onscreen elements in some browsers, including background images and lightbox style overlays.

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iaian7 » code » txp   John Einselen, 4.03.07 (updated 10.04.11)    

Textpattern plugin developed to make category insertion a little bit smarter. When using the default <txp:category# /> tag with separators (such as a comma between the tags), you’ll quickly run into problems when an article doesn’t have a category defined (since the comma will still be there). an7_category allows you to insert the separators as part of the tag; if you assign categories to an article, the categories and separators are inserted, if not, nothing messes up your design.

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iaian7 » code » txp   John Einselen, 4.07.07 (updated 10.04.11)    

an7_comments gives a little more power in setting up comment invitations and comment counts; set up custom messages for 0, 1, or more comments, and a global comment invitation (overriding the individual article comment invitation text, so you can easily change the invitation for the entire site).

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iaian7 » code » txp   John Einselen, 3.07.07 (updated 10.04.11)    

an7_feed_link lets you define specific feeds for each section of a site; no longer do sections have to link to themselves. The auto detect RSS link in an “about” page header, for example, can be set up to point at a blog feed or outside feed source instead.

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iaian7 » code » txp   John Einselen, 22.07.07 (updated 15.06.11)    

Using wrap tags, an7_filter replaces text strings defined by a customizable array. In short, this lets you insert emoticons, instant messenger style! It can also be used for foul language filtering or keyword link insertion.

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iaian7 » code » txp   John Einselen, 9.06.08 (updated 10.04.11)    

Loads Flickr photos in the Write tab for easy photo blogging, includes embed options to control how images will be displayed and linked.

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iaian7 » code » txp   John Einselen, 7.01.07 (updated 10.04.11)    

an7_img is a Textpattern plugin used for image insertion and simplified integration of any standard Lightbox style script. Textpattern image IDs are not supported, but using a folder system makes image management fairly intuitive, and a heck of a lot easier than Textpattern’s image handling.

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iaian7 » code » txp   John Einselen, 28.05.07 (updated 10.04.11)    


The an7_mov plugin allows Textpattern to easily interface with the QT embedded requirements in IE. Most of the settings (autoplay, loop, controller, etc.) can be setup in the plugin code as defaults, making repeated use of the tag throughout a site as simple as possible.
currently in beta

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Choosing Litebox

iaian7 » code » txp   John Einselen, 18.02.07 (updated 7.03.09)    

There’s a lot of Lightbox style options out there, and it’s sometimes tough to find the right resources. I’ve tried to collect a few of the better ones, and describe some of the considerations at stake.

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Google Analytics file tracking

iaian7 » code » txp   John Einselen, 3.06.07 (updated 7.02.17)    

Textile hack to make urchin tracking in Google Analytics dead simple. Ever want to see how many people are downloading a file? Here’s how to make Textile do the work for you.

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iaian7 » code » txp   John Einselen, 19.07.07 (updated 24.05.09)    

List of Textpattern plugins I’ve found helpful in my own sites.

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