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Using your Flickr screen name, an7_flickr is an admin extension that adds Flickr image support to the Write tab in Textpattern. Customise it with the number of recent photos to display (default is 20), and even look up other photos by ID number (from the Flickr URL).

Clicking an image will add the appropriate Lightbox code to your body text, creating instant Flickr integration with Textpattern and whichever lightbox style script you prefer (Slimbox is highly recommended). Plain thumbnails and full size image embedding are also options, with links back to the original Flickr page.


1 (version 0.4.4)

js_flickr.php (version 0.4)


The textpattern plugin should be copied and pasted into the Install Plugin form at the top of the Admin > Plugins tab.

Download the “js_flickr” package from steelsnowflake.com and copy the file “js_flickr.php” to your scripts folder. Add a valid flickr API key to one of the first lines, if one is not already present.

Update the an7_flickr plugin by editing and entering the path to js_flickr.php and your Flickr username. You can change the number of recent photos to load, as well as the default photo sizes to use for thumbnails and full image views.

known issues

This should work on most browsers, and on most systems, but hasn’t been tested thoroughly yet. It’s currently in beta!

Loading the Write tab can slow down while the system waits for responses from Flickr. When embedded, the images are direct links to the Flickr servers, and won’t slow down your public site.

version history

v0.4.4 — fixed errors with special characters in titles
v0.4.2 — assorted updates
v0.4.0 — added embed options
v0.3.0 — updated for changes in js_flickr.php
v0.2.0 — alpha release
v0.1.0 — admin setup

help and support

Future beta releases will be posted to the Textpattern Resources site, and the Textpattern Support Forum.


Flickr API and PHP/JS coding – Elihu Ihms
Textpattern integration – John Einselen

Chris Carlson, 21.09.09

The author of the js_flickr library has updated it to URL-encode title strings (to allow single apostrophes and the like), but the most recent version of an7_flickr doesn’t do likewise, causing the resulting javascript to not parse properly.

I don’t know enough about javascript to fix the problem, so I’m (bashfully) asking if you can do it for me. I know this flies in the face of open-source coding, and I really am trying, but I just don’t yet have the required knowledge.

(For whatever it’s worth, I love the an7_flickr plugin. It’s almost too cool for words.)

Iaian7, 22.09.09

Eli messaged me earlier today to let me know about the updates, and I’ve made some edits of my own to match. an7_flickr now correctly handles special characters in the Flickr title, version 0.4.4 is ready for download above.

Geoff, 17.11.09

Hi John,

I’m getting %20 instead of a space in the title. I’m using 0.4.4

Thanks Geoff

Makes photoblogging so easy