Microsoft PowerPivot

iaian7 » blog   John Einselen, 12.11.09    

Normally I wouldn’t give Microsoft the time of day, nor would I even know about plugins for Excel 2010. But I happen to work on a lot of Microsoft projects, and I just so happen to be the lead artist on a series of PowerPivot videos (yes, there is still more coming!).


I’ve actually been holding on to the news for several months now, waiting anxiously for approval to publish the results of a very, very tight deadline. At long last; not only has the first video been posted to YouTube and Vimeo (visit! rate! love!), but I wrote two articles covering workflow development and effects for the series. They’re both in the After Effects tutorials section above: Lipsyncing with Papagayo helps explain the character animation process (along with a custom OSX Widget I wrote for translating lipsync files into keyframes), and Dynamic Paper Cutouts details how the torn and crumpled characters were generated on the fly during compositing.