Peach Nachos

iaian7 » blog » recipes   John Einselen, 20.06.11 (updated 19.05.12)    

What do fresh peaches, chilli powder, and lime salted chips have in common? More than you might think, and they can make a uniquely delicious nacho dish. As you might remember from a previous recipe attempt, I’ve used peaches and chilli powder before, claiming that the favours were mutually beneficial. While the success of my Golden Peach Vinaigrette might be deemed…questionable…I’ll offer the following as proof that peaches and spice really do go well together!

1/2 bag Lime Chips (16oz.)
2 fresh peaches
1/2 tsp Chilli Powder
1/2 package Pepper Jack cheese (4oz.)

Chop the peaches into small pieces and dust with the chilli powder. You can add other spices if you want, including roasted ginger, fresh cilantro, coriander, or others. Crumble the pepper jack cheese into manageable bits, and combine with the diced peaches.

Spread the lime chips in a baking pan or cookie sheet, and cover with the well stirred peach and cheese mixture. Bake uncovered in a conventional or toaster oven at around 350° Fahrenheit for 10 to 15 minutes, or until the peaches have begun to crisp around the edges and the cheese is starting to brown.

Addendum — this recipe works beautifully with mango, served hot with raspberry salsa!