Time and Change

iaian7 » blog » poetry   John Einselen, 3.03.07    

Time has passed and things have changed,
water under the bridge, or so some say,
words unshared and thoughts unchained,
and paths more separate by the day.

Long since late nights, and cups of tea,
and memories of tears, but we let them be.

Perhaps content in mere retrace,
of cashmere lines and casualness,
but never recall the damp disgrace,
or listen for signs of tenderness.

We’ve left the ocean, the endless sea,
to forget the ever dredged debris.

Long time since we were both together,
hunkered down and snug as friends.
Must we now discuss the weather,
idle gossip, and our coffee blends?

Axelmarq, 15.10.08

Though time has passed and things have changed,
we should not leave things be.
If stars can die and have no pain,
together, neither shall we.