Iaian7Podcast - Music Show 01

iaian7 » podcast   John Einselen, 26.07.07    

Featuring David Francey, Josh Ryan, Haugaard & Høirup.

This is the inaugural episode of the Iaian7podcast, so welcome to the Music Show! Every few weeks I’ll be compiling some of my favorite independent music and kick back to enjoy some great mixes and artist features. This week, the musicians hale from Scotland (via Canada), Tennessee, and Denmark. Next week? That’ll be a surprise.

Download “Broken Glass” (mp3)
from “Skating Rink”
by David Francey
Laker Music

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Download “Not Today” (mp3)
from “Not Today”
by Josh Ryan
The Velvet Farm

More On This Album

Download “Gæstebud” (mp3)
from “Gæstebud/Feast”
by Haugaard & Høirup
GO’ Danish Folk Music

More On This Album

Thanks to Ioda Promonet for the tracks used in this weeks show.

Sarah, 19.08.07

your voice has kept me company in the evenings this week. emoticon thanks for being the best cousin John in the world.