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Without extra plugins for Photoshop, outdated editors, or expensive options, it can be surprisingly difficult to make simple changes to .icns icon files in OSX. Modicon is designed for this very purpose – take a batch of icons, strip them down into individual PNG files, process using basic ImageMagic commands, then put them all together again.


1modicon.zip version 1.0.6

By clicking the download link, you signify your acceptance of the following agreement. This application is freeware, to be used and abused however you like. However, the author(s) assume absolutely no liability, and the software is offered with no warranty or quality assurance. And God forbid you use it in the operation of nuclear facilities (a warning I see in the EULA of so many applications, I really do wonder how exactly someone could use a graphics utility in the operation of a power plant). In short, use at your own risk.


This widget requires ImageMagick and LibICNS to run, please see imagemagick.org and sourceforge.net for details. You can download the installers directly, or download and install via MacPorts. The install locations (needed for Modicon to access the commands) are typically /opt/local/bin/.

Confirm the install locations by entering the following strings in Terminal: which mogrify, which icns2png, and which png2icns. Once verified, update the widget information with the correct command location. Access the settings panel by clicking the “i” icon in the upper right hand corner, and click “done” to save the preferences.

Version History

1.0.6 — fixed preference saving on hide
1.0.5 — user interface improvements
1.0 — initial release
0.9 — fixed name property parsing
0.8 — fixed preferences
0.7 — fixed file name parser
0.6 — first beta release
0.5 — first alpha release
0.4 — pulled all functionality together, built new looping system for groups
0.3 — built icns recomposition system
0.2 — built image manipulation system
0.1 — built icns decomposition system


Support is not technically available, but you can still send suggestions and questions via the contact form  (if you don’t mind my slow-or-never responses), non-support comments can be left below.