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A simple batch processing interface for the PNGquant command line utility, Crusher helps quickly manage high quality 24-bit PNG compression by preserving full transparency while still greatly reducing file size.

Crusher makes it easy to specify the number of colours used, control dithering, and enable IE6 alpha improvements if needed. Quality/speed adjustments and customisable naming conventions are accessible in the widget settings.

Designed for batch file processing, Crusher doesn’t include image previews or other optimisations. If you need more features, such as realtime visual feedback, the per-image application ImageAlpha may be a better solution.


1crusher.zip version 0.3.6

By clicking the download link, you signify your acceptance of the following agreement. This application is freeware, to be used and abused however you like. However, the author(s) assume absolutely no liability, and the software is offered with no warranty or quality assurance. And God forbid you use it in the operation of nuclear facilities (a warning I see in the EULA of so many applications, I really do wonder how exactly someone could use a graphics utility in the operation of a power plant). In short, use at your own risk.


This widget requires PNGquant to run, please see imagemagick.org to download the executable. The install location (needed for Sheets to access the commands) is typically /opt/local/bin/. Update the widget settings (accessed by clicking the “i” icon in the upper right) with the correct command location and click “done” to save the preferences.

Version History

0.3.6 — user interface improvements
0.3 — beta release
0.2 — additional settings
0.1 — initial setup


Support is not technically available, but you can still send suggestions and questions via the contact form  . I’m not always able to respond, but do appreciate your feedback.