iPhone Render Notifications

iaian7 » tutorials » aftereffects   John Einselen, 27.07.09 (updated 10.04.11)    

After Effects script to push render queue completion notifications to an iPhone or iPod Touch, as well as speaking the alert audibly on your computer. Requires the Prowl app to actually interface with the push service (available from the iTunes App Store), but could also be used as a generic Growl render notification script as well.


1 – modification of the script by Steffen on the MacTalk forums.


Render_Notify can post notifications using prowl.pl (in conjunction with SSLeay), growlnotify, or a simple web update (opens your default browser, but doesn’t require any command line tool installations, so is much easier to use). Visit growl.info for the Growl command line installation, or the Prowl FAQ for details on how to install prowl.pl and SSLeay.

You’ll need to update the script with your notification type preference (and if necessary, location of the command line tools) and API key (Prowl API). Once the data is correct, go ahead and place the script in your After Effects Scripts folder (most likely /Applications/Adobe After Effects CS3/Scripts/ or similar). It should show up in the File > Scripts menu automatically (if it has trouble updating, you may need to restart After Effects).

To use, simply add your compositions to the render qeue as normal, but instead of clicking the render button, select Render_Notify.jsx from the scripts menu. When the render queue is finished, it’ll push the notification to your iPhone or iPod Touch, and speak the alert audibly on your computer. You can set up a hotkey by using either the CS3 or CS4 shortcut editors from Adobe

Keep in mind this has only been tested on the Mac, and many (if not all) features may fail to work in Windows without modification or rewriting.

If you’re looking for more Growl based render notifications, check out the list of Lightwave plugins for automatic Growl alerts.

Steve Bastyr, 9.09.09

Thanks man, problem though…

I have everything set up… but it’s not sending to my iphone. I have prowl installed on iphone and in growl, and all the files in the right places… api # correct… don’t know what’s wrong.

Do I have to modify the prowl.pl file? how do i get it to send to prowl?

Iaian7, 11.09.09

prowl.pl requires SSLeay to be installed as well, something that took me quite a bit of time to get working on my own machines. It may be preferable to use the growl or web notification options, the latter of which requires no command line tool installation at all.

nath, 21.09.09

Hi mate,

Thanks for this, would love to get it working, but being a complete n00b when it comes to all things that arent visual, the command line and code modification required to get this working is throwing me. is there any more instructions you could possibly give me?

Thanks so much in advance.


Anton "iCa" , 16.02.10

Is there anyone who got this workin on a PC?