RGTV: Realistic Dust Hits

iaian7 » tutorials » aftereffects   John Einselen, 16.07.12 (updated 16.07.12)    

Occasionally I get to work on research and development efforts at Vectorform, and a month or two ago posted a video online of a crumbling wall. Originally created just to test Lightwave 11’s fracture modelling and bullet dynamics integration, I ended up adding dust effects in post using Trapcode Particular, along with other effects and grading.


The video was noticed by Mr. Norrby of Trapcode (@rymden), who passed it on to Mr. Rabinowitz of Red Giant (@RedGiantNews), and the quick proof of concept ended up getting turned into a video tutorial about compositing Particular effects using rendered depth maps! Watch Red Giant QuickTip #67: Realistic Dust Hits to see how dust effects in After Effects can be seamlessly integrating with rendered footage from any 3D package.


You can also join the discussion over on the Newtek Lightwave forum.